Wheat is the second most-produced cereal after the maize. And the global demand for wheat is increasing due to the unique viscoelastic and adhesive properties of gluten proteins, facilitating production of processed foods. Considering all these factors into account, we are offering a wide variety of top-class Wheat Seeds.

We have produced our wheat range in the manner so that the people engaged in farming can make the most of it and can harvest a larger volume using the same resources and field.

Our varieties of Wheat Seeds consists HD- 2967, HD- 3086, WH- 1105, PBW- 154, PBW- 226, DBW- 88, HD-3059, DBW- 621.50, IPM- 02-3, IPM2-14. All these varieties will help the farmers growing their wheat harvesting volume using the same resources.


We, Lemonseeds are a leading Seeds Producer in India offering a quality range of Moong Seeds for the people engaged in the cultivation of Moong. All these seeds comprise a good standard and hence are responsible for offering a healthy cultivation of Moong. Our sowing seeds will result into an increased volume of crop compared to that of the last seasons.

Hence, our Moong Seeds are the most suitable for the people engaged in the cultivation of this crop. These seeds are very cost-effective so that all kinds of people can afford them.
Our variety of Moong Seeds are IPM 02-3 and IPM2-14.


Urd is the third most important pulse crop of India and is cultivated over a wide range of agro climatic situations. Lemonseeds are indulged in producing a wide range of best quality Urd Seeds for the farmers who sow this crop. With the use of seeds, one will see tremendous growth in the volume of this crop under the normal atmospheric conditions.

We have produced the following new varieties of Urd:

  • PU-31
  • PU-35
  • Shekhar-2


Mustard is a very important oil seed crop grown in India. We, Lemonseeds are a leader in the production of large array of state of the art seeds and offering Mustard Seeds as well. We invest our most of the capital on Research & Development so that we can bring forth the best seeds for the farmers and other people engaged in farming of this crop.

We have produced a wide new variety of Mustard & Toria which are listed below:

  • PPS
  • YSH 401
  • PT 303
  • NRCHB 101
  • PUSA-30
  • M-27
  • B-9
  • PT-303


Gram is a staple edible, mainly used as pulse and flour. This comes into use in making different delicious cuisines and mouth-watering dishes in India. Thus, it is obvious to produce hybrid gram seeds by Lemonseeds Agro Farms. As we are a leading seeds producing firm in India, therefore, offering a wide and hybrid range of Gram seeds.

We have a highly skilled manpower using advanced tech-equipped infrastructure. This is what makes us capable of producing the latest and new varieties of high-yielding gram seeds. Our range of gram seeds is very affordable and comprises a reasonable cost. Our newly produced varieties of Gram are GNG- 1581 C/S and JKAI- 9218 F1.


India is a country of pulses and Lentil is one of them. It has been an inseparable part of the human diet for decades. Lemonseeds is presenting a quality range of Lentil seeds and thus we are known as one the most proficient seeds producer in India.

WIth the help of our skilled team of individuals and using latest technology without neglecting natural environment, we are producing a wide array of Lentils Seeds using natural resources and latest technology as well. These seeds are produced for those agriculturists who take Lentil sowing as their priority. Using these seeds, one can grow a larger volume of Lentil Crops without exploring his resources because these seeds are high-yielding in normal conditions as well.

We are offering this seeds range at an unbeatable market price to maxim the agriculturists’ benefits.


Find the most immaculate Oat Seeds which are produced taking into consideration all the aspects by Lemonseeds Agro Farms. We are a dominant Oat seeds producing firm and produce these seeds considering all the required factors like weather, soil and other resources Oats seeds used in their breeding. As a result, you can get the most suitable, high-yielding and par excellence quality Oat Seeds here at Lemonseeds.

Backed by a team of highly skilled manpower using tech-equipped infrastructure, we are capable of producing a wide range of top-quality Oat Seeds at the most competitive market price so that to benefit agriculturists engaged in Oat agriculture.