The hybrid vegetable leave seeds can live and grow throughout the years. It knows no season if proper watering occurs. These are high in nutrition and only takes 20-25 days for complete harvesting. And we, Lemonseeds is a proficient seeds producer offering a Hybrid range of Kanka. This seeds range is very helpful in yielding more crop in the same field area and using same resources.

We bring forth this range for you to the efforts of our high-skilled team using the tech-equipped infrastructure and natural environment. This is why these seeds are more productive than any of the other varieties of Kanka. Our quality Kanka seeds range consists Jaba Kushum, Kolmi, Katwa Dada and Bassila. Our Kanka seeds varieties are Red, Jalpari, Lalpari, Ek Dal, Mumbai Pui, Clilantro, LM-10, SAMPURN and Bela. All our Kanka seeds are available at a reasonable cost.


Coriander is an annual herb plant and all its parts are edible. Mainly, its green leaves and dried seeds are the parts especially used.
Lemonseeds is a reputed name in the seeds industry. In the same phase, we are offering a new variety of Coriander seeds which will be helpful in growing good grade of Coriander. This seeds range comprises good quality thus sowing these seeds will result in more volume of crops using the same field area and resources.

The Coriander Seeds are the result of consistent Research, Analysis and Development of our team in this industry. Our team is excellent in their area of operation and performs all their tasks dedicatedly. This is why we are among the most reliable Seeds Producers in India.


Pea is a seasonal vegetable used in almost every household and used in different dishes. It is used in both green form as well as dry form. And, Lemonseeds is engaged actively in producing a new and hybrid variety of Peas.

We have a team of expert individuals who are always strived for offering our clients a high standard of Peas Seeds. We have state of art infrastructure equipped with latest machinery, therefore, we are able to deliver a high grade of Peas seeds including French Beans and Dolicus (Seam ki fali). Our latest Peas Seeds Varieties are LM-10, SAMPURN and Bela.


Beans are one of the best vegetables found in both green as well as dry form. It is cooked with compliance with other vegetables and comprising many nutritional values. Lemonseeds is a proficient seeds producer in India, offering a wide range of Bean Seeds.

With the expertise assistance, we are capable of bringing forth this seed range to our agriculturists. All our offered Bean seeds comprise good quality and are cost-efficient in nature.

Some main salient features of our Bean seeds are:

  • High-Yielding
  • Diseases Tolerant
  • Grow well even in Low Conditions