We at Lemonseeds offer a wide range of top-class Gourds seeds which are very helpful in the sowing of good quality guards. Backed by our previous experiences and continual indulgence, we are capable of delivering best seeds produced under the supervision of highly expertise individuals having well know-how in this sector.
Our gourd seeds range comprises the seeds of Ridge Gourd F1 (Hybrid), Ridge Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd(Hybrid), Sponge Gourd(Hybrid), etc. And our newly produced varieties of Gourds are LM-PRIYA, HIRA, Megha, LMDP, Jhumar, LM-HIRAN, Yugal, TEJAS, LM-FALGUN and LM-KOKILA.

Thus, you are in need of such kinds of seeds then feel free to contact us, we will cater all sizes of your Gourd Seeds need.


Are you looking for top-grade Cucumber Seeds? If so, Lemonseeds will cater you all kinds of Cucumber seeds need by leveraging you with the best quality seeds.

We have the availability of a wide array of Cucumber Seeds that will help you in getting great rich of seeds that will breed more volume of cucumber. So, if you are in search of cucumber seeds, we will cater your requirement in the most efficient and a timely manner.


Lemonseeds are offering a hybrid range of Cowpea Seeds. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about their job sphere and are always strived for findIng something useful. As a result, we are capable of delivering good grade of seeds that will get your cowpea harvest a great enhancement.

Apart from that of the standard seeds, we have also produced some new varieties of Cowpea Seeds- Maharani1 and LMKK 8. We offer these seeds at a reasonable cost so that to benefit people engaged in farming.


Pumpkin is one of the vegetables that are used commonly in the most of the houses of Indian Families. Considering all these factors into account, we produce a wide variety of Pumpkin seeds comprising good standard. All our seeds are good in quality, therefore, the farmers will get great output in the form of a large volume of Pumpkin Crop by using our quality seeds.

Our various varieties will enhance the productivity of Pumpkins in the same field/plot which you were using. Thus, using our hybrid seeds will help you gain more profit.

We have produced some advanced varieties of Pumpkins which are Badrinath & Kali.