"we don't grow seeds, we make seeds better"

Our Products


We at Lemonseeds offer a wide range of top-class Gourds seeds which are very helpful in the sowing of good quality guards...


Find an advanced variety of Pumpkins seeds which will enhance the productivity of Pumpkins in the same field/plot you have been using for many years...


For ensuring high-quality Radish Crop, we are committed for producing these seeds at a large scale for meeting kinds of people requirement...


We have specialization in offering a high-yielding range of Tomato Seeds which will let you produce more volume of tomatoes even using the same resources...

About Us

Incepted in the year 2011, Lemonseeds has been supplying a broad range of quality seeds to the farmers of the whole country. The company believes "Planting a seed is like having another child, requiring patience and sacrifice and a resounding optimism for the future" and "Once the farmer is happy country is happy". This is the reason, we are based in Delhi but having our own registered office in Kolkata and Delhi as well. And currently, we are operating and managing five states; Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

We offer our entire seeds range under the brand name "Lemonseeds". According to Greek Mythology 'Lemon' were a symbol of richness & love and word 'Seeds' symbolizes purity and life which grows with a change and everyone recognize its beauty. This is how, the name Lemonseeds come into existence.

"Quality is a trait that we appreciate" and this is the pledge Lemonseeds and its founder took before starting its first production and still following the same. The company holds many past years of experience in this field thus always craving for bringing forth the supreme quality of agricultural seeds allowing farms to attain high breeding rates even in the same resources. All the credit goes to its in-house Processing Plant, R&D development Centre and a team of diligent professionals. This balanced combination enables us in producing a quality seeds range on a constant basis.

The quality-driven approach makes us one of the finest seed producing companies in India.

Simultaneously, the company is also engaged in the multiplication of Certified seeds of various crops which encompass Wheat, Paddy & Maize, Cereals, Moong, Urd, Arhar & Lentil and Oilseed & Vegetable Crops such as Radish, Spinach, French Beans, Cowpea, Bottle Gourd, etc. In case of cereals pulses and oilseeds, we are multiplying the certified seeds after getting the procurement of breeder seed from ICAR institutes/state agriculture universities and multiplying them into foundation seeds and finally certified seeds to supply the same to different government agencies & directly to the farmer through dealers network. Company has its own technical collaboration with number of National and international vegetable seed companies from whom the breeder seed is procured in the case of varieties and parental line seeds in case of hybrids.

Additionally, we keep sharp eyes over the entire agricultural arena in order to figure out the current challenges faced by the farmers and finding the best solutions accordingly is the business motto of Lemonseeds.

Our mentor's passion for work never let him stay at home even after his requirement so he decided to establish a company whose motive is to serve the farmers with high quality of seeds.  So that the farmers can make a respected earning by the farming too.

In a nutshell, if it is asked what Lemonseeds does then the answer comes "We don't grow seeds, we make seeds better."