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We at Lemonseeds offer a wide range of top-class Gourds seeds which are very helpful in the sowing of good quality guards...


Pumpkin is one of the vegetables that are used commonly in the most of the houses of Indian Families. Considering all these factors..


The Radish is an edible root vegetable and is grown throughout the world. It is used as a vegetable or in the form of salad..


Tomato is an edible fruit and it is used in the form of a complementary vegetable as well in making vegetables based dishes..

About Us

Lemonseeds is a Delhi based firm holding specialization in seed production. Since our inception, we never looked back and always strived for consistently multiplication of our range of seeds so that to maxim the benefit of the farmers. This characteristic has triggered us in emerging as a leading Seed Producer in India.

The company has its own processing plant and R & D Centre in Meerut (U.P.). We have our own technical collaboration with the number of National and International Vegetable Seed Companies from whom the breeder seed is procured in the case of varieties and parental line seeds in case of hybrids. All our produced seeds are offered to the respective seed Certification Agencies for certifying the seeds. Thus, we supply only the quality checked seeds.

In case of cereals pulses and oilseeds, it is multiplying the certified seeds after getting the procurement of breeder seed from ICAR institutes/state agriculture universities and multiplying them into foundation seeds and finally certified seeds to supply the same to different government agencies & directly to the farmer through dealers network.

Lemonseeds Agro Farms Pvt Ltd has its own land for production from the breeder to foundation seeds and for certified seeds.

We are continuously engaged in the multiplication of certified seeds of various crops consisting Wheat, Paddy & Maize, Cereals, Moong, Urd, Arhar & Lenthil Oil seed crops and Vegetable Seeds like Raddish, Spinach, French Beans, Cowpea, Bottle Gourd, etc.